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"Aaron Wall’s SEO Book is the best guide I have found for getting serious web visibility." - Professor J. Michael Steele, The Wharton School -- University of Pennsylvania

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The Power of Search

Advertising has grown into over a $400 Billion a year market. Much of the ad spend revolves around interrupting consumers with commercial messages they are not interested in.

Paid search ads flip marketing on it's head. You only pay when someone searches AND clicks on your ad. The marketing is precisely targeted and easily tracked. Little to no waste with near perfect relevancy. What could possibly be better?
The Natural Search Results Offer Free Traffic

Each day hundreds of millions of people search for products and services online. While some of them click the paid ads, the vast majority of searchers click on the free search results. If your site ranks highly in the natural search results you get free traffic that converts to paying customers.

The web is a giant marketplace and the search results are where the battle for hearts, minds, eye balls, and wallets is won or lost. If your site is exposed to this fire hose of relevant traffic you make sales while you are sleeping. If you are stuck on page 10 nobody sees you, and it is getting hard to stay in business.
Does Your Site Deserve to Rank at the Top?

Businesses chose to succeed or fail. Successful businesses innovate and take advantages of the opportunities in front of them. Some of your competitors are ranking #1 right now. Are you willing to take control of your rankings, traffic, and revenues?
The SEO Book Training Program is Perfect For:

* Small business owners who need to hire a consultant to answer their SEO questions, but do not want to spend thousands of dollars on consulting.
* In house SEO teams who need an outside expert they can turn to.
* Well ran businesses that are not getting the organic search traffic their site deserves.
* SEO consultants looking to gain a more comprehensive view of internet marketing, and internet marketers who do not understand search.
* Bloggers and AdSense publishers looking to turn their hobby into a real business.
* People who want to improve the profits from and the value of their websites.
* Anyone who wants to benefit from our research and keep up with the latest changes in the search market without requiring themselves to turn SEO into their full time job.

The SEO Book Training Program is NOT For:

The SEO Book Training Program is about building real sustainable businesses. We do not fit...

* Pyramid schemes. Email spammers. Anyone interested in the idea of get rich quick without the desire to earn a living. Earning a top ranking in a competitive market can take serious effort.
* People creating low value websites looking for black hat scams and or high risk tricks. We employ low risk techniques that help businesses grow year over year over year.

Inside The SEO Book Training Program You Will Find:

Once you join the SEO book training program you will have access to over 100 training modules, covering topics like

* selecting your domain name
* keyword research
* pay per click advertising
* optimizing your search presentation
* on page optimization
* site architecture & internal linking
* link building
* website monetization
* website credibility
* tracking results
* and more

In addition we offer bonuses like

* spreadsheets offering information about
o how to align keyword research data with site architecture and on page optimization
o common keyword modifiers
o top directories that you can use for link building
* members only videos covering the SEO process
* members only tools
* all members get access to freely download the SEO Book ebook as well - good for reading offline

And if you still have any questions left after all that, we offer an exclusive community forum where you can personally ask me questions and connect with hundreds of active members helping each other optimize their websites and profits.

"I recently asked where Aaron would take a domain of mine, and I'm taking his suggestions to heart. I dumped the content there and am charging forward with a new plan. Add the recommendations I'll be asking for for other domains and this is the best ROI I've got going so far. I would much rather pay for specific advice relating to my online-ventures, than for _____ or ________. And the fee for the forum is significantly less than I would pay for an hour of Aaron's time." - Daniel Durick

Watch this 5 minute video for a peak inside the program

What Do Customers Think of SEO Book?
Changed My Life For the Better

"Thank you once again for being so generous with your time. I downloaded your book a few years ago and it was a turning point in my life, I was an average salesman selling very competitive products and to be honest it was really tough work, I kept missing my sales targets and getting fired.

After reading your book, I decided to give SEO a go and it just clicked for me, I fell in love with search. A few years later I'm making $100,000 a month, reading your book changed my life for the better." - Christopher Angus
You Are The Real Deal

"Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I appreciate all you do. I saw you at Pubcon and you were by far my favorite presenter. In a business with many folks who are of 'widely varying' capabilities, you are the real deal" - Bill Sterzenbach
MBA Level Coverage

“I've used these materials in MBA-level courses I teach and students are very impressed with the depth of coverage. The SEO Book and site are highly recommended.”
- Paul Christ, Ph.D., Marketing Professor, KnowThis.com
Empirical Proof of Value

Here is a revenue chart from Shane Pike, one of my past students, who I helped at a conference in late December 2006. Notice his income quickly doubled after we talked.

Read his story here.
Join the SEO Book Training Program Today!

If I can double a person's income from a 15 minute chat, imagine how I can help you grow your business with this training program and daily interaction in our community forum.

With a subscription you get direct access with me, over 100 training modules, and access to our exclusive member forums. The SEO Book training program and community subscription costs $100 a month.

Join our exclusive community & training program today
Join today, as our community is limited to the first 1,000 members, which ensures I can spend adequate time helping each and every member.

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Answer to Common Customer Questions

Do I need to be a technological wizard or marketing guru?

Search engines follow people. If you create a site that people care about, eventually search engines will care too. An aggressive SEO strategy simply speeds up your growth curve, helping you rank better faster, draw more traffic to your site, and create larger profits.

Most effective SEO techniques stem from traditional marketing. Most of the best marketing ideas come from people who are passionate about their topic but only stumbled into marketing (just as I stumbled into the field of SEO 5 years ago).

How much time will this program take?

Since our content is self-paced, it's up to you. If you like using the community forums, you can interact all you like. If you simply need to learn a couple specific topics you can find the relevant modules and study them at your leisure.

Why should I trust you?

Out of the tens of thousands of people selling SEO information, I am one of the few who actually rank on Google's first page of search results for SEO. In addition, over 10,000 happy customers purchased my SEO Book, and I have been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal (listen here), Marketing News, Forbes, The London Times, and many other mainstream media sources.

In addition to running this site, I also own many other profitable sites, earning many thousands per month from each of these business models

* direct ad sales
* AdSense
* affiliate marketing

Do you have any free samples?

Yes. You can try before you buy by reading some the following modules...

* keyword research & suggestion tips
* building website credibility
* link building
* getting started with PPC marketing

How much will marketing my website cost?

This is entirely dependent on where your site currently is, where the competition currently is, and how aggressive their SEO strategy is. Billion dollar markets take a lot of work to own. Smaller markets can be won for as little as a few hundred dollars.

If you are creative and create great content that people value and enjoy that helps cut your marketing costs drastically.

Is this program a good value?

In the past I sold a top selling SEO ebook for $79 which came with limited customer support. In spite of that limited support, the book garnered rave reviews from the likes of Seth Godin.

“Everyone should read your book. I did. I'm glad I did.”

Seth Godin
New York Times Best Selling Author

* When you join our training program, you get that best selling ebook for free.
* Our current training program is a much more substantial offering, in both size and quality.
* In addition, when you join you get access to our community, which I participate in every day.

How long will it take to see results?

Some search engines tend to trust older sites more. If your site is already established but has some major errors holding it back, then fixing those could cause a sharp increase in rankings and traffic in days or weeks. If you have a brand new site in a competitive market, it can take 6 months to a year to see great ROI from your SEO investment.

How many members does the forum have?

I offered a couple hundred of my best customers from my past products a trial period to evaluate the quality of the offering, give feedback on the program, and help get the forums active. Currently there are over 650 members in the forum. We plan on capping out the forum at 1,000 active members to ensure I have enough time to answer everyone's questions, and keep adding more valuable content to the training program based on community member feedback.

How do I cancel my SEO Book membership?

For your security and convenience all payments are handled by PayPal. You do not need to contact us to cancel your membership. Simply log in to your PayPal account and cancel your subscription.

Your subscription is also pro-rated, so if you cancel, just email us your join date and cancellation date and we will give you a partial refund for any portion of your subscription you have not used.