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There's a little secret to winning the keyword war, and you already know it.

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From: John Jonas
Springville, Utah
November 1

"Introducing the Breakthrough New Keyword Research Tool that Stops the Insanity For You, By Aggregating ALL Available Keyword Research Tools Into One!"
Now you can know EXACTLY what people are searching for!
And you can find the search words that nobody else knows about.
KeywordTopia Uses ALL These Tools!
To Smash Your Competition!
Why would you go one more minute building crappy, duplicate keyword lists when you can build a keyword list that no one else has?

* Google Keyword Tool
* Yahoo Keyword Tool
* Overture Tool
* Wordtracker
* Google Suggest
* Yahoo Tags

(I bet you didn't even know you could get keywords from Yahoo directly, did you!)
All these tools give vastly different keyword results.
If you're not using all of them, you're missing out on profitable keywords!
If you're only using 1 or 2 of them, you're insane.

With this breakthrough new tool you can search all the major keyword research tools from one place, including ones that NOBODY else is searching.
That means you can find the words people are searching for, words that are directly relevant to what you're advertising, but that nobody else is bidding on!
Watch the tool in action.

In 8 minutes and 41 seconds
you'll understand why some people make crazy money online, and others don't!
A quick word about search volume numbers
You'll notice that most of the keywords in the video didn't tell you how many searches were done on those keywords each month.

This is a little keyword secret that I know, that hardly anyone else knows about.

See, everyone in the world wants to know how many times something is searched so they only use the tools that tell them how many searches are done (wordtracker and overture). Keywords in KeywordTopia that don't have search numbers next to them are words that WordTracker and Overture didn't find...they're words that came from one of the other tools that other people don't use.

These words are golden!

As you use KeywordTopia, you'll quickly learn that there are REALLY good, high volume, targeted search words that people search on every day, that most marketers aren't finding.

With KeywordTopia, you get those words!
So what does KeywordTopia do?

* Uses Google, Yahoo, Overture, WordTracker, to build a keyword list.
* Allows you to do multiple searches at the same time.
* Uses AJAX to make your searching faster and easier.
* Separates keywords into Ad Groups for you as you build your keyword list.
* Changes the focus of keyword research from vertical to horizontal
(Searching Laterally is WAY more important than searching deep)
* Creates keywords using a combining algorithm that no keyword tool will ever find.
* Allows you to easily Peel and Stick your keywords for maximum Adwords and Adsense profitability.
* Appends/Prepends keywords to your list for easy additions to the list.
* Allows you to Easily target City and State searchers (we have a database of all cities/states in the US so it's easy for you to integrate them with your list).
* Does search and replace within your list. IE: search for words with "dog" in them and add them to the end of the list and replace the word "dog" with "dogg").
* Easily (and intelligently) pluralizes your whole list.
* Prepares keywords for Adwords by adding "" and [] around keywords.

So what does that mean for you?

* Find instantly profitable keywords with almost no effort at all.
* No more wasted time using different tools.
* Find ALL the Lateral keywords your competition doesn't have.
* Find the alternative keywords your competition doesn't have.
* Make profitable campaigns with the right keywords.
* No more guessing to find the right keywords.
* Saves you from having to manually create adgroups once you're done creating your list.
* Saves you time because you don't have to sit and wait for results.
* Lets you concentrate on brainstorming instead of trying to remember what words to search for next.
* Tells you the right words to use when doing SEO for LSI.
* Building a mininet? Find the right topics and keywords for each specific mini site.
* Find the keywords that lead to profit pathways in your niche.
* Automatically takes advantage of "broad match", "phrase match", and "exact match" on Google Adwords.
* It's web based so you get immediate updates for new tools we add (we add new tools weekly) and you don't ever have to worry about upgrading or losing your software
* It's Stupidly Cheap.