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The #1 tool for anyone building 'VRE' sites for making money with AdSense.

The #1 tool for anyone that wants to make money selling ebooks or other info-products.

The #1 tool for anyone that wants to make money promoting affiliate programs.

The #1 tool for anyone that wants to generate tons of free traffic from the search engines.

The #1 tool for anyone wanting to build huge, targeted opt-in email lists.

The #1 tool for anyone wanting to make money from consulting and teaching others how to do business online."

Because to defeat your opponents online...that is...the larger companies and more experienced marketers...the only rocks you need to throw are keywords.

...Or rather keyword phrases. Keyword phrases are your secret to phenomenal online success. The best part is, there's an almost limitless supply of keyword phrases at your disposal...

But the only problem with that is that you have to find them first!

That's where the leverage comes in. Leverage is your sling (this software), and you have to use that sling to toss those rocks (keywords) at just the right places and at just the right speed.

If this sounds difficult, don't worry because I know a secret that can help put your mind at ease.

Here's the...

"Truth" About Keywords That No One Wants To Talk About...

Now there are a few secrets I'd like to share with you today but this one is by far, the most important secret of them all.

Right now, there are ordinary people just like you, who are virtually shoveling incredible amounts of money with just keyword phrases and pay per click advertising, into their bank accounts.

"By incredible, I mean, a whopping four, five or even a six-figure income each and every month, using nothing but a computer and one 'jealously guarded' little software that builds massive lists of relevant keywords with the click of a mouse."

5 Important Facts About Pay Per Click Advertising You Must Know To Survive Online...

Fact #1 - Pay per click advertising is one of the most powerful ways to reach your target audience (people who are looking for something to buy) because it can put your marketing message in front of over 1 billion users online in only a matter of minutes!

Fact #2 - Advertising through pay per click generates a higher than average response and sales.

Fact #3 - The key to success with pay per click advertising is to build MASSIVE, quality keyword lists and unleash them on to the search engines and on to your target market.

Fact #4 - Pay per click advertising allows "anyone" to make an income from home, privately, and watch it grow into CEO level income! (Yes, if you have a job right now, you can bet your lunch money that if you follow what I say, you can make more money than the overpaid CEO of your company!)

Fact #5 - Keywords are the building blocks of the internet. Without them, you couldn't find a darn thing...but with them you can dominate the search engines and suck in traffic and income like clockwork.

Don't believe me? That's okay because here's...

PROOF of The Power of Keyword Lists and Pay Per Click Advertising...
(I used a special tool to achieve this...I'll tell you about it later)

The Secret Is In The List...The Keyword List!

That's because these "PPC Marketers" (pay per click marketers) use their keyword lists to advertise any and every product that you can possibly think of online.

And All they do compile those keywords and advertise other people's products -OR- their own using tiny text ads through advertising networks like Google Adwords, Yahoo Marketing Solutions and others.

Well, that question used to be pretty difficult to answer. It was a time consuming endeavor and demanded that you spend countless nerve wrecking hours pondering over keyword possibilities only to find a few keywords that were too darn expensive for the average person to advertise, much less spend their valuable time researching.

As a matter of fact it was downright impossible to do it in your spare time, you needed hours and hours of time and most people, whether you already have a business or you're just starting one, don't have that kind of time to devote to keyword research.

So to answer this question, and the cries of people just like you, I created...

Keyword Elite
The Most Powerful Keyword Research Software On The Planet!
Now, I could have kept Keyword Elite a secret but the reason I've decided to release the Keyword Elite software to the public is... because of all of the misinformation happening online right now about how to make a care free living from home.

As you read on, I’ll tell you more about how this software will help you but let me tell you some straight from the hip facts about the rest of the picture.

Fact is - "In the next few years, if you don't put the power of Pay Per Click Advertising to work for you or your business, you'll slowly and certainly meet your doom! Finding and profiting from the right keywords is the key to success with pay per click advertising."

Hold on to your seat and keep reading because here's what you can do with Keyword Elite...

"Rapidly Generate High Paying Adsense Keyword Lists Of More Than 10,000 Keywords In As Little As 2 Minutes And 57 Seconds!"
* Project Number 1 *

Click Here to watch
Keyword Elite in action!
Create HUGE keyword lists in seconds.
Sort, filter, and manipulate keywords 117 different ways!
Easily create and upload Adwords campaigns and groups.

"Uncover Hidden Niches And Keywords, Ready To 'Explode' By Analyzing Your Pay Per Click Competition In Google, Yahoo, Miva, And Enhance!"
* Project Number 2 *

Click Here to watch
Keyword Elite in action!
Uncover mega high paying Adsense keywords!
Find low cost advertising keywords you can exploit via Adwords.
Analyze your Pay Per Click competition deeper than anyone ever thought was possible!

"Quickly & Easily Create High Quality Content For Your Website With A Click Of A Button!"
* Content Creation *

Click Here to watch
Keyword Elite in action!
Create high quality content from the keywords found with Keyword Elite!
Choose from 3 different webpage layouts.
Create your very own article web page templates.

"Instantly Discover How Competitive A Market Is By Analyzing Top Ranked Websites In Google!"
* Project Number 4 *

Click Here to watch
Keyword Elite in action!
Instantly see whether it's worth your time to compete in a market.
Learn how well optimized your competitor's websites are.

"Legally and Ethically 'Steal' Your Competitors Profitable Adwords Keywords By Discovering Exactly Which Keywords Are Making Them Money!"
* Project Number 5 *

Click Here to watch
Keyword Elite in action!
Spy on an unlimited number of websites.
Learn exactly which keywords are making your competition money, and then use their keywords to make you money!

As if that wasn't enough to blow your socks off...

Check out more the amazing things you can do and experience with Keyword Elite...
Rapidly generate massive keyword lists of 50,000+ keywords for your content websites, or pay per click campaigns, in record time.
Quickly and Easily locate high priced keywords for use with your content websites. (You will Profit like MAD with this one!)
Uncover hidden 'niche markets' so profitable that your competitors will wish they had found it first and curse the day you were born. (Heck they might just pay YOU to find niche markets for them! Talk about easy money.)
How to generate traffic even if you don't want to spend time and money on it. Organic traffic generation does take time and effort to accomplish but...I'll show you how to totally get around that problem in no time!
Discover a trick that will get search engines to display your website in the top of their listings FAST!
A magical secret that reveals exactly how to format your website so you dramatically increase your traffic!.
Find out why some of your keywords are just not getting enough traffic...and how you can beat your competition to the finish line by taking advantage of that fact.
Find out why your niche market product idea may not be the best thing to do and why it would be wise for you to become aware of other potential markets that are waiting for you to tap into!
Unearth the keywords that will automatically generate low-cost traffic and quick sales!
How to guarantee your niche product gets noticed among the gazillion different niche products being offered on the Internet today!
How to legally and ethically spy on your competitors and stay undercover at all times! You'll know their every move and beat them in the market race, while simultaneously increasing your sales and profits!
Create products on-the-fly when you find the hidden gems that no one else knows about. (I love this one!)
Discover THE cheapest way to generate high quality, high-end sales to do it...what keywords are best... and you don't have to pay some high priced lead generation company for them!
The Ultimate Method to finding the cheapest high traffic keywords around... that no one knows about.
Instantly have the power to generate hoards of targeted traffic from ALL of the major search engines using the secret in Project #1.
Uncover hidden 'niche markets' so profitable -- your competitors will wish they had found it first and curse the day you were born! (Heck they might just pay YOU to find niche markets for them! Talk about easy money.)
The secret right-click feature, hidden away from plain view, that allows you to generate high quality, content rich, optimized pages on the fly.

So basically you can...

Quickly 'Snatch-Up' ALL The Hottest and Most Profitable Keywords From All Of The Major Pay-Per-Click Search Engines and Immediately Optimize Your Website Using The Same 'Commando-Like Strategies' The Big-Boys Use To Score Top Search Engine Rankings!"

...and Keyword Elite does even more!

Not only does Keyword Elite generate massive keyword lists AND analyze your PPC competition, but it will also show you how and why websites are ranking high in the search engines!

Insider Research - Yes, this AMAZING software performs secret reconnaissance missions right in front of your very eyes... and tells you if your top competitors are ranked high because of a specific optimization techniques used for the keyword you're looking to wage war over!

Keyword Elite looks for your competitor's "on-page" optimization and use of the following:

* H1 Tag
* Title Tag
* Bold Tag
* Italics Tag
* Underline Tag
* Image Alternative Text Tag
* Whether the keyword is used in the first 25 words on the page.
* Whether the keyword is used in the last 25 words on the page.

This type of research could easily cost you THOUSANDS of commercial dollars to receive from your usual commercial SEO experts.

"Once you have this information, you'll have a tremendous head start on optimizing and outranking your competition in the search engines!"

Oh and don't worry, Keyword Elite is what is called a "multi-threaded application" which is "geek-speak" for -- it runs faster than ANY other keyword research tool... period! That means no more waiting forever for your keyword research to be completed, because it will be available to you incredibly fast. much time and energy you'll be saving. Needless to say, all that extra time can be used to generate more income, create products, or whatever leisurely activity you desire.

As you can see, this little tool, Keyword Elite, will become your primary line of defense and offence in your quest for a piece of the internet pie. Make no mistake though...what you have before you is the "same" tool the experts use, but most never tell you about it.

True, some experts do tell you about Keyword Elite, but those guys are basically the 'cream of the crop' when it comes to knowing how to make massive amounts of money online and not everyone is lucky enough to know them.

Okay, I know what you're thinking...

Features are great and all, but you want results, right? Listen to what kind of results you can expect to get with Keyword Elite...

Keyword Elite made me $1,150 in the first 12 hours of owning it!

- Peter Vermeeren

"I tested 1 project only and it did even more than you promised. It made me $1,150 in the first 12 hours! And that was only 1 of the 5 projects. Since then I've tried and tested all 5 projects and they are incredibly powerful. Brad you have released a piece of monster software that will change the way websites are made. This is the most complete keyword research tool I have ever seen and I will recommend it to all my friends and business contacts."

I have increased my Adsense income by over $13.00 a day and growing!
— Armondo Garcia

"Brad, It's awesome! Since I've been using keyword Elite I have increased my Adsense income by over $13.00 a day and growing. With Keyword Elite, I'm able to create and build a list of targeted keywords quicker. Now that I have the right tools, my adsense earnings can only increase! I truly want to thank you Brad."

Since using Keyword Elite, I've gone from a small $30 per month with Adsense, to a massive $480 this month so far!

"Hi Brad, Since using Keyword Elite I have gone from a small $30 per month with Adsense to a massive $480 this month so far. It has certainly made me money and has saved me thousands already, very much worth it."

— Charlie McCormack

I have been able to increase my income from $500 per month to $750 in one short week!

— Sandy Henderson

"Wow! Keyword Elite is the ticket for anyone looking for a keyword program! Also, Brad keeps you informed with endless ways to use the program. There are endless projects to increase your Adsense income. I have been able to increase my income from $500/month to $750 in one short week."

As of today my Adsense balance is $338.58 - and we still have 5 days to go this month!

— Thomas Schamedatus

"This tool is the best piece of software I bought in 6 years of marketing on the internet. Constant updates have even improved it the last weeks. Before I sarted using it I was making an average of $200 per month with Adsense. Today my balance is $338.58 - and we still have 5 days to go this month! Thanks Brad!"

- Special Notice -

If the technique below is too advanced for you, don't worry because...for a limited time When you purchase Keyword Elite today, you'll get instant access to a comprehensive training facility with step-by-step video, 'How-To' information on using ALL of the amazing and hidden features in Keyword Elite.

Here's An Wickedly-Simple Technique You Can Easily Apply With Keyword Elite!

With Keyword Elite, you can achieve what Fortune 500 companies call "Disruptive Growth."

I won't get into details of what that is but here's what it means to you...

This is so cool it gives me chills!

Okay so, you click away with Keyword Elite...find a golden-list of Mid to High or even Low to Mid traffic keywords at a fraction of the cost...

You following so far?

Then - you dominate 2 or 3 different ways!

First you bombard the pay-per-click search engines with your pay-per-click ads.

Second you simultaneously optimize your pages to get better rankings for grabbing truckloads of organic traffic...

Third you then set-up content driven pages to monetize that word and cross promote your main product pages or affiliate products.

All of this and more is possible with Keyword Elite.

Let your competitors squabble over breadcrumbs while you stuff your belly full of real "Bread!"

Frequent Updates Keep You On The Cutting-Edge...

As an owner of Keyword Elite, you also get free lifetime upgrades...and as much as we constantly improve this software, you will find that there's almost no realistic feature that you "can't" have.

Our customers are literally awestruck at how much value this service alone is. Unlike many other software products, you don't have to keep paying to get the latest version OR to be on the cutting-edge of keyword technology.

That value my friend, is priceless to those that understand what it is we really do to make it happen.

Take a look and see for yourself...

Well done Brad.... Purely sensational software!

"Brad, I'm writing this email to let you know how happy I am with your brand new Keyword Elite software.

No.... I'll rephrase that my friend. "I'm over the moon with Keyword Elite, Brad".

You've done an awesome job at creating and designing your new software, and I'll be recommending it to all of my coaching and mentoring students.

I feel it's the ultimate keyword research tool people can use without any huge learning curve to get their heads around.

Well done Brad.... Purely sensational software!"

- David Cavanagh
Featured Speaker - World Internet Summit

"Brad, I absolutely love your new Keyword Elite software. I've started using Keyword Elite in my search engine marketing, and have noticed a lot more traffic to my website (a LOT more).

There are so many programs out there that don't live up to their promises, but Keyword Elite has VASTLY exceeded my expectations. I plan on using it to gain the competitive edge on all of my niche sites.

I've always avoided keyword research like the plaque, but actually enjoy it now, thanks to Keyword Elite. Since downloading your software, I haven't stopped using it!"

- Michael Rasmussen
Internet Marketing Guru

Here's A Quick Run Down of The Projects


Project #1 - Analyze Pay Per Click Listings - Easily find low-cost and high to moderate traffic keywords that will make you money.

Project # 2 - Create A Keyword List - Easily build 50,000+ keyword lists for your website needs.

Project # 3 - Select A Keyword List - Quickly grab your keyword list and prepare it for your Adwords campaigns and page builder software - With just a couple clicks you're done!

Project # 4 - Analyze Keyword Competition - Allows you to quickly see how hard it will be to rank well for a specific search term. You can easily see if your competition is ranked well by "accident", or if they're going to be tough to outrank. This can save you hours of wasted research time.

Project # 5 - Spy on Adwords Competition - Monitor which keywords, and how long your competitors are bidding on them in Google Adwords. Then, take that list of guaranteed profitable keywords and plug them into your own Adwords campaign! (This project alone could make you a fortune!)

"Keyword Elite Is Also Compatible For All Countries,
Just By Changing the “Adwords Region” from the Drop
Down List To the Country You Prefer..."

Come on...Did You Think I Would Forget You Guys?

"That's Incredible, But Let's Get To How Much This Is Gonna’ Cost Me Brad..."

Is this going to be some mega-expensive monthly service plan?

The answer, my friend, is a resounding NO!

Quite frankly and I'm sure you'll agree, you're actually getting 5 of the most comprehensive keyword research tools on the planet... All rolled up into one, and although I could very easily charge over $497 for it - I won't do that today.

After all, given the fees and retainers that top keyword researchers charge and the money many 'well-to-do' internet marketers are willing to pay for such leverage, I'm sure you can see why even the regular price is a steal.


While I was building this program... I had some time to think about it and I realized that if you are anything like I was when I was getting started and I found a tool I needed - you just can't afford to pay a whole lot for it but you also can't afford to miss out on it.

So...Since we’re leveraging the internet here and since I’m able to keep costs down by making this available for download and not on CD... I’m going to drop the original already discounted price of $297 to only $176 for the entire software INCLUDING Free Lifetime Upgrades,

Anyone Can Use This and Profit

Remember earlier when I said that, "Right now there are ordinary people just like you and me who are making incredible amounts of money using keyword phrases and pay per click advertising?"

Well, if you were to dig a little deeper - and I have - what you'll soon discover is that there are people who are high school dropouts, college dropouts and even elementary school educated people who are raking in more money than MBA and Phd educated people...

...Because they use Keyword Elite!

Listen, I really mean this. You can literally, spend a few moments going through the video training, follow them step-by-step, and recover your investment as soon as today! It really is that easy with Keyword Elite...

Your willingness to listen to your customer and upgrade KE in response is the mark of a professional...

— Don Adams

"The ability to create a list and immediately transfer those results into top paying PPC words is a great benefit. Your willingness to listen to your customer and upgrade KE in response is the mark of a professional."

Your responsiveness to new feature suggestions from customers has been amazing!

— Bonnie Lowe

"Hi Brad, Thanks for creating Keyword Elite! It's made the research of and promotion for my content site-building activities incredibly effective and easy. I love how user-friendly Keyword Elite is, and your responsiveness to new feature suggestions from customers has been amazing! Well done!"

The enhancements made have been responsive and of great value...

— Craig Huls
"Brad, Keyword Elite is enabling me to do in minutes what used to take hours. The enhancements made have been responsive and of great value. Keep up the good work. I recommend it to all I find out who are working with PPC."

I appreciate your willingness to continue to develop Keyword Elite into a better machine as time goes on...

"Hi Brad, I just wanted to let you know that Keyword Elite has been a great tool in developing my keyword list. I am just getting started and am learning all I can. I believe this great tool will continue to be a help to my success in my home based business. I appreciate your willingness to continue to develop Keyword Elite into a better machine as time goes on."

— Phil Knaus

Try Keyword Elite 100% Risk Free!

Here it comes…

This is the step that separates those who dream from those who achieve. The winners from the "also rans."

This is the step everyone misses out on when they go to seminars, read books, listen to CDs and look to buy software. You MUST take massive and urgent action when the solution is right in front of your face!

Listen, before you wait and don't get this today, I have to be honest here... the thing is that I'm not certain how many of these I really want to allow out to the general public.

By the time you decide it may already be too late!

Or there will be just too many people using this and I definitely want to maintain a certain level of exclusivity.

You Get Everything You Need So What Are You Waiting For?

The truth of the matter is that - You can do what everyone else is doing and get the same kind of mediocre results they're getting with their keywords, or you can take Keyword Elite for a test drive and begin to make money at incredible speeds!

Click Here To Grab Your Copy of Keyword Elite NOW!

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

You know what I think? Here's what I was thinkgin... I'm going to sweeten the deal a bit for you!

So to speed up the money making process for you I'm going to give you the following free bonuses as a token of my appreciation IF you purchase today...

Now keep two things in mind - These ore NOT your ordinary "Lemme' Just Throw Em' In" Bonuses!

"These are the kind of Bonuses that make your palms begin to sweat and your mouth salivate as - the mere thought of getting your sneaky little 'keyword-hungry' hands on them, passes through your mind!"

Pay attention to each one VERY carefully because I don't want you to miss out on the limited availability on one of them...

These "Bonuses" will quickly become your...
All-Star Team In The Race For Keyword Dominance!

Team Member #1 - Fool-Proof Keyword Elite Success Blueprint (A $67 Value)- This 30 page easy to follow, step-by-step guide takes YOU from knowing absolutely nothing about Pay Per Click marketing, to having a University Education on how to setup a campaign and immediately begin making money on whatever niche you choose. It easily blends real examples of how you can use Keyword Elite to analyze your competition, find keyword lists for your campaigns, and then spy on your competition, to get the upper-hand!

Team Member #2 - Access to the Keyword Elite Member's Only Forum (Priceless)- This forum is jam-packed with information and feedback from all over the world and is THE meeting place for Keyword Elite warriors to meet and learn from each other's successes. You'll be able to share test results and learn from all of your fellow Keyword Elite users! Plus, there are tutorial videos created to answer specific user questions! It's like having your own "Covert Operations Headquarters!"

Team Member #3 - Free Lifetime Upgrades - (A $597 Value)
There is a section in the forum titled "feature requests". We add 99.9% of all feature requests to future versions. It's basically like you have your very own programmer... at your beck and call to create whatever features you want. You'll have the most cutting-edge keyword research tool ever!

Team Member #4 - Comprehensive Training Facility - (Priceless)
As if Keyword Elite wasn't already easy to use...This state-of-the-art training facility provides you with complete step-by-step video training lessons that break down every aspect of Keyword Elite AND teach you what they are used for and how to use them yourself. No experience necessary. You'll have every possible question answered in these videos. (Sidenote: I've been told that these videos contain more meat and potatoes on making money online than many expensive courses...and it's yours absolutely FREE!)

OH, and here's...

Test_Drive Keyword Elite NOW!

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

To Your Keyword Victory,

Brad Callen
Bryxen Software™
SEO Consultant & Internet Marketer

P.S. have my 100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee - still keep the bonuses as my gift - if after 8-weeks of using this simple, yet comprehensive new software and you're not satisfied - I'll refund your questions asked. Act now and lock in your one time low price of only $176 before it's too late!

P.P.S. Frankly, I know nothing that could truly make a significant difference in your online business than the infusion of fresh and targeted keywords into your current marketing activities. Oh, and did I tell you that the spying is remarkably entertaining?

P.P.P.S. Test drive Keyword Elite today while there's still time!


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Mark Joyner, #1 Best-Selling Author of "The Great Formula"

a.k.a. The "Godfather" of modern Internet Marketing.

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